New Ventrilo server

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New Ventrilo server

Post  Korsorro on Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:23 am

So with our guild growing I thought it was time we invested in a Ventrilo server that allows for more people to access it. So I got a 50 person vent server.

The information is:
Port: 3931

If anyone has any specific things they want seen done with our new opportunity just let me know. Hopefully this will allow us to all get on vent with more people and communicate, but most importantly, have more fun.

Oh and since we have the opportunity to have 50 people on vent at a time feel free to use it for things outside of our little SWTOR world. Invite your friends, people you run group finder Flashpoints with, anyone really. I think this will give us a great opportunity to get out name out there and maybe even grow as a guild.

Party on Garth.


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