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Hard Mode Flashpoints Boss Guides Empty Hard Mode Flashpoints Boss Guides

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Lt. Isric:
- Kill adds with AOE

- Head shot must be interrupted (rotate amongst members).
- His enrage timer is pretty short so DPS should continuously attack during his missile barrage while party members should spread apart to avoid splash damage
- at 50% health, he summons adds, use AOE spells to take them down quickly

ISS7-Guardian Droid
- can interrupt his hail of bolts spell
- don't get pushed off platform

ISS9-Battledroid (Bonus Boss)
- When he goes into overcharge, just kite the boss around and not step into the circle under his feet. It'll go away

Vokk (Final Boss)
- Avoid the two lightning storm circles on the ground (entire party should constantly be moving unless they are certain that lightning storm are targeting elsewhere in the room)
- He will toss his double sabers at DPS and Healer so healer should try to bubble or top off the party members' hp as best as they can

Video link to people too lazy to read lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9BfT3xWyqs

Taral V:
Handler Gattan:
- CC the two champion monsters on the left and right of him and engage him first. Try to keep up CC when monsters break out of it.

Captain Shivanek
- He summons a monster to help him. If you kill either, the other enrage so bring down both their HPs to around 10% and kill them both at the same time.

Doctor Zahren
- Kill adds when he summons them
- Avoid red circle on the ground before he throws a poison grenade

- Pretty much tank and spank, avoid the big circles on the ground when he calls down an AOE spell.
- He will occasionally target a random member for missile barrage so hopefully healer can quickly heal them up when that happens

Lord Hasper (Bonus Boss)
- Draw him out of the room before engaging him
- He will cycle two channeled lightning spells (can be interrupted) before pulling whole party in and cast a lightning storm
- Get out of the casting circle ASAP because the lightning hurt ALOT. If you get hit even once, there'll be a after shock damage when he's done casting. Healer should top off their HP as first priority before resuming on healing the tank. Often this will take down the healer.

General Edikar
- Disable the front 2 turret by using the console, first priority is to take out back two turrets when the party engages the general
- He'll summon sets of 4 adds at 75%, 50%, and 25% on left and right side of him. Try to CC two adds on one side of the room while the other 2 are taken out first. After, kill the CCed adds
- Because he has an enrage timer, its best to just CC as many of the adds on the last wave while everyone try to burn the boss down. After the boss is down, loot him first and do what ever you can to survive (Force cloak to end the combat if have to). If the adds kill you before you can loot the boss, you can't come back into the FP to loot him.

Maelstrom Prison:
Watch this video before I have time to write something up:

Directive 7


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