What to do when you reach lvl 50

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What to do when you reach lvl 50

Post  SilentLeader on Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:15 pm

Quoted from a helpful post on reddit

Take the recruit gear from the pvp terminal. It will be better than anything you should have when you first hit 50. It's optional though depending on if you want to PVP as well, and what your gear is like.

You can take some Battlemaster if you've done PVP along the way as it will again be better than anything you have. For PVE you will want to replace it with Columi. Maybe not Tionese as Tionese really isn't all that great.

You can do the Belsavis/Illum dailies, but priority would be Corellia for the Black Hole comms. Not the quickest or most fun way of gearing though.

Queue the Random Hardmode Flashpoints. Don't waste time doing specific ones, unless if it's for a specific drop really. Get your black hole comms with the daily. The only tier 1 you might be undergeared for is Kaon. All the HM FP's have been nerfed even Kaon. You shouldn't have much problems even with subpar (Recruit) gear.

Once you get a little bit of gear queue story mode ops, or queue them while queuing the daily FP. They are rather easy especially EV, and you can get Columi quick in there.

Once you get full Columi or real close to it, then you can queue HM Lost Island, and start moving on to HM Ops.

EC would be after HM Ops/Lost Island.


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